Sunday, 26 March 2017

How to remove Attribution or powered by Blogger in your Blog?

Well, most of the bloggers wants to remove Powered by Blogger in their Blog but we can’t remove as there is no remove option as we can see in the image above, and most of the time, bloggers don't want to have this line in their blog but it leaves them with no option but just to have this line because it cant be removed but now you can remove this line if you follow up some few steps below by changing the code (you don’t need any coding skill).

1. First of all, log in to your blogger account.
2. Go to dashboard, click theme and click edit HTML.

3. Click anywhere inside the HTML editor Box.

4. Click Ctrl+ F, a search box will appear, then you type attribution1 and search.

5. After searching you'll find a code like the one below-

      <b:widget id= ‘Attribution1’ locked= ‘true’ title= ‘’ type= Attribution’>

6. Now, you can change the above code with one below-
   <b:widget id= ‘Attribution1’ locked= ‘false’ title= ‘’ type= Attribution’>

7. All you have to do is replace ‘true’ with ‘false’.

Click save and click layout and open attribution gadget.
Now you can find remove option as shown below.

Now you can remove it permanently, after removing you can check your blog to find it if its remove or not.

I hope that you have understood it and if you didn't understood then please make use of the comment so that i can check it out.

How to remove subscribe to Post Atom in Blogger?

Almost every blogger when they start blogging, they wanted to get rid of the link “Subscribe to Post: (Atom)” and even me I wanted to get rid of it. To remove this link you don’t need any coding skill, you can follow up some few steps to remove this link.

1.  First of all, Log in to your Blogger account.
2. Click theme and click Edit HTML.

3. Click anywhere inside the HTML Editor box.

4.  Click Ctrl+ F and type “Blog feed link” in the search box.(as shown above in the image)
5. You will find this code.

6. Now you remove this line.
   <b:include data =’feedLinks’ name =’feedlinksBody’/>
   And click save

   This will remove the link- Subscribe to Post(Atom)

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How to make a cool text effect from Photoshop- Afterglow tutorial.

In this tutorial, i'm going to teach about how to make cool text effect from Photoshop.

If you are ready then, here we go......

So first of all you open Photoshop and follow the steps below...

 1. Click Ctrl+ N, a dialog box will appear. Choose width, size & resolution as per your wish.

2. Under background content- click transparent and click OK
3. Change the background colour to black-present on your left side tool box.
4. Click alt+ backspace, if its already set in black.
5. Select type tool and type afterglow in white colour.
6. Now on your right side under layer option- Click afterglow and click Ctrl+ J. It will make a duplicate     copy of afterglow. And click the eye of afterglow copy 2 to turn off (indicates layer visibility).

7. Now change the colour of the text to yellow. (or the colour you like).

8. Now on your right side, under layer box, click layer 1 and afterglow by pressing Ctrl and click Ctrl+ E to merge.

9. After merging, make a duplicate of afterglow by pressing Ctrl+ J.

10. Now you select afterglow copy 2 and on the top, click filter-stylize-wind.

11. After clicking a box will appear so Click OK and click Ctrl+ F twice. (or even thrice).
12. Again you follow the same steps-filter-stylize-wind but now you click {from the left}. Click OK.

13. Again you press Ctrl+ F twice or thrice.
14. Now you turn off the layer visibility of Afterglow copy 2 and click Afterglow.

15. Now you click IMAGE at the top in menu bar and click image rotation then click 90  ͦ CW. Then the image will rotate.

16. Then you do the same steps like before. Click Filter-stylize-wind. And Click Ctrl+F.
17. After you’re done with the steps, you’re image will be like the one below.

18. Now turn on the layer visibility of Afterglow copy 2[ Eye].

19. Now you have to change the IMAGE to its original position. So Click image at the top[in menu bar]-image rotation and click 90  ͦ CCW.

20.  Now click After Glow Copy 2 and click Normal, and you'll find lots of option so click SCREEN.

21. Now again under layer box on your right side, select After Glow copy 2 and After Glow by pressing Ctrl and merge it by pressing Ctrl+ E.

22. Now turn on the layer visibility of After Glow Copy.[Eye]

23. Now the final image will be like the one below.

24. Now the final step and the last thing you have to do is, click After Glow copy and click fx as in the image.

25. After clicking fx, click inner shadow
     Opacity -100%
     And click the arrow(small tip) near the box & near the contour and select double ring.

25. That’s it ….and then your final image will be the same as below.

OK, that's the end of this tutorial and if you have followed up this tutorial till the last and have learned it, then congratulation. This was a lengthy tutorial but i believe you've got through it. 
And you can have different types of cool text effects, some are below you can check it out.
And in the next tutorial we'll learn how to put image to background so please stay tune........